Letters: Cell service nonexistent on Jackson Corners Road

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I enjoyed reading your article on the proposed Verizon cell tower in Milan. I am a mother of three young children and in case of any emergencies or if my car breaks down, I need my cell service. These roads are dangerous and are very dark at night. For any reason my car breaks down, I would be happy to know that I can call someone for help.

Please inform Joseph Grotto that there is NO cell service along the Taconic Parkway and NO cell service whatsoever on Jackson Corners Road. I don’t know what local residents he asked who said they had cell service but he should not comment about “ample cell service among local residents.”

Tell him to take a survey and go from home to home along Jackson Corners Road and ask them if they have “ample cell service” or go ask people who are commuting back and forth to work along the Taconic.

I am sure you heard on the news that people are driving in the wrong direction on the Taconic in the early hours, and it’s important to have cell service to call 911 to report things like this. I am a working professional and drive back and forth to work early in the morning and I need to know that I can call for help in case of an emergency.

Vicki D

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