Letters: Rhinebeck needs experienced leaders

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Economic conditions are improving slowly, but towns in New York and elsewhere are still suffering the after-effects of George W. Bush’s Great Recession, with cutbacks in funding from the state and federal governments.

To me, that means we need steady, mature, experienced hands at the helm in Rhinebeck and other towns holding elections this year. And that is exactly what the team of Elizabeth Spinzia, Joe Gelb and Elaine Fernandez is offering voters in November.

Elizabeth, who is running for town supervisor, came to Rhinebeck seven years ago after a successful career as a television producer and was elected to the board in 2011. Among her responsibilities, she oversees liaison with the Highway Department headed by the incomparable Kathy Kinsella.

Joe, elected in 2009, has lived in Rhinebeck since 1982 and brings 40 years of legal experience to bear on myriad local problems. He is also a director of Winnakee Land Trust and a lifetime trustee of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Elaine, a Rhinebeck native, is a political science graduate of Bard who serves as director of human services for State Sen. Terry Gipson – a vital connection at a time when funding and legislation from the state play a crucial role in Rhinebeck and other communities.

As for Kathy, our long-serving Highway Superintendent, she is admired throughout the state and beyond.

To my fellow Rhinebeck voters, I add only: Please don’t entrust our local government to inexperienced hands at such an important time.

Jeffrey Antevil

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