Letters: Endorsing Lisa Rubenstein for judge

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I am writing to endorse Lisa Rubenstein for Dutchess County Family Court Judge. As an attorney, Lisa has represented children in Family Court to ensure that they are protected in situations involving abuse or neglect. She has worked as the chief legal assistant (law clerk) for Judge Valentino Sammarco, who is retiring from the Family Court bench at the end of the year. Currently, Lisa is an appointed Court Attorney Referee in Dutchess County Supreme Court.

Lisa’s experience, combined with her strong character and great work ethic, which will make her an excellent Family Court Judge.

The role of Family Court Judge is critically important to the lives and well- being of members in our community at an extraordinarily difficult and painful time. Adjudicating matters before Family court Court will have a profound impact on their future. It is extremely important that the Judge be fair, thorough, and passionate. I sincerely believe that Lisa Rubenstein will make a tremendous Family Court Judge!

I urge others to join me in supporting this highly qualified and experienced candidate for Dutchess County Family Court Judge.

Robert Ritter

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