Letter: Attacking LGBTQ has wider implications

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Linda Cebrian of Rhinebeck said in her letter that the “Day of Silence,” an LGBTQ-sponsored advocation of peoples’ right to be different from the majority and to be free from bullying for this or any other reason, is actually a “Day of Shame.”

Ms. Cebrian says that any exception to heterosexuality is a choice. She says that one can choose not to be LGBTQ. She gives statistics about the current rates of HIV infection. She draws from this the conclusion that support of LGBTQ youth “(is) doing a disservice to our youth… Does it make sense to advocate for a lifestyle choice proven to shorten one’s lifespan?”

Well, if you put it that way, Ms. Cebrian, of course it doesn’t make sense! And that’s why the U.S. Armed Forces should never be allowed to recruit in our schools.

Annie Berrol

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