Letter: Horrified by homophobic nonsense

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I have to say, I usually look forward to reading the Observer bi-weekly, but the most recent paper held a post in the Observations section that absolutely horrified me. The post by Linda Cebrian spouted the most homophobic nonsense I have ever read. I’m shocked that you posted it, and allowed such bigoted nonsense in this paper.

We must SUPPORT homosexual youths, not propagate fear at something that they have no choice over. I know many religions say that people choose to be gay, but this is NOT the case. New York is one of the biggest meccas for homosexuals, somewhere where they feel they could be welcomed FOR ONCE instead of fearing retribution by most Conservatives.

The fact that this woman thinks that children who are taught to speak and think for themselves, all of a sudden shouldn’t express their opinions by a silent protest is sad. More kids commit suicide because they fear the repercussions of being gay, than any other child in the same age group. To allow her fear mongering propaganda to be published in this paper is unfortunate. I had thought better of your paper. I hope that I am not the only one who is upset by this.

Gina von Trapp
Red Hook

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