Paula Redmond’s offices have an art gallery feel that fits right in among Rhinebeck’s shops.
Paula Redmond’s offices have an art gallery feel that fits right in among Rhinebeck’s shops.

The art of selling real estate

Paula Redmond mixes business with visual pleasure in her Rhinebeck office

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Paula Redmond exudes enthusiasm about the business she is in: “I love selling real estate. It’s fun to match the houses with the people, finding the right property for what the person is looking for,” she said.

Paula has been selling real estate since 1984, when a friend suggested she might find it interesting. Originally from Maine, she used to live in Connecticut, so she can back her promise of “bringing traditional New England values to Dutchess County.”

In 2003, she struck out on her own by renovating a building in Millbrook, and the success of that office enabled her to open another in Rhinebeck two and a half years ago. The office is located in the quaint courtyard off East Market Street, and its interior resembles one of the village’s art galleries. That’s because Paula gives her wall space to local artists, such as the current series of paintings by Peter Charlap. Even the property listings are exhibited like art in a custom-made display case.

“Business is very good,” Paula said. “We’re very busy this year. It’s starting to turn from where the market fell off in 2007. More listings are coming on, and I think buyers are tired of waiting. Rates have never been so low. People are getting mortgages under 3 percent in some cases; it’s unbelievable.”

She added, “It’s really a good time to buy, and that’s what everybody waits for. We have a good team of agents, and last year was a banner year.”

The agency was rated eighth out of 150 companies belonging to the Mid-Hudson Multiple Listing Service (MHMLS) in dollar sales in 2012 and is also a member of the Columbia County/Northern Dutchess/Greene MLS.

Paula employs three full-time agents in each office, and her office manager—sister-in-law Sandra Redmond – also handles the firm’s marketing. “I actually manage both offices,” Sandra explained. “Millbrook is the main branch, but our agents cover both offices.”

Sandra is originally from the Germantown area, and she started working for Paula seven years ago. With a background in marketing, she ensures the agency’s visibility with well-placed advertising, including a strong presence in the social media. “We use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and we’re getting ready to launch a mobile application,” Sandra said. “It’s been working out great, especially considering we are six agents up against some very large companies.”

Paula agreed and explained what differentiates her agency from others: “Between our advertising brochures, radio spots, social media, and the mobile app, we really are out there. We’re also members of Luxury Real Estate International (” To be eligible for membership in this network, firms and brokers must list and sell in the top 10 percent of their market and demonstrate expertise in the marketing and sale of luxury properties.

She added, “We deal with everyone, no matter what price range. All my agents are local, and we love living here. We know the area and know the people and, most of all, love what we do. We try to support our local land conservancy and organizations. We love our communities being rural, and we want them to stay that way.”

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