Letter: Thanks to all for the great Egg Hunt support

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Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy Red Hook’s annual Egg Hunt on March 30. We had a great turnout of more than 500 people who joined us to hunt for eggs, get their faces painted, decorate “bagskets,” and make cool crafts. Did we mention a very large bunny just happened to hop by to take part in the festivities?

The day would not have been possible without the generosity of many sponsors, especially Holy Cow Ice Cream, Stewart’s Shops, Village Pizza and Ken Migliorelli. So many people pitched in to make the day specialvand help distribute thousands of eggs, including off-duty officers of the Red Hook Police and police administrator Lara Hart, volunteers from Funshine Nursery School, Sandy Martin and John Wintenburg from Friends of Red Hook Public Library, Red Hook Public Library Trustee Maryelisa Blundell, local teens Allix Coon and Jillian Snyder, and Jenna and Bryce Thorn. Red Hook Central School District was gracious in allowing us to use their lawn for our festivities, and Mayor Ed Blundell spent his morning being a wonderful host and Master of Ceremonies.

In a small community like Red Hook, it’s always inspiring to see how much can get done. It truly does take a village – and it certainly was worth it to see all of the happy kids. Thanks again to all who put time and energy into making the day happen.

Sergeant Patrick Hildenbrand, Red Hook Police
Kathy Triebel, Funshine Nursery
Erica Freudenberger, Red Hook Public Library

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