Letter: Milan cell tower not needed

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Wow! A 160-foot tower is just what bucolic Milan needs to jumpstart the determination of our town’s elders to ruin its vast beauty.

We, in fact, don’t need a tower for our cellular service, which is, admittedly, pretty spotty in parts. What most people don’t realize is that, in this digital age, all you need to improve your service is to add a feature your provider may already offer: when your own service fails you, it can roll over to available wifi and your phone will operate off that.

We, the people of Milan, don’t need another tower like that archaic atrocity on Woody Row. Verizon needs the tower to provide roaming service for the Taconic travelers heading toward their homes in Columbia County and the Berkshires. Let the tower go there. And ruin their back yards.

Colleen Meehan

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