Hard times for Rhinebeck Hawks

Team takes a beating from Coleman, 46-18

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Rhinebeck’s Lady Hawks haven’t collected a home win since they rolled Dover in Rhinebeck on Jan. 17. But things got even harder on Feb. 8 when the team threw down against John Coleman, and lost 46-18.

The Hawks managed zero points in the first period and dropped two on Coleman in the second, courtesy of a pair of made Meredith Mimoso free throws. Rhinebeck only got to the foul line twice in the first half. Coleman outscored Rhinebeck in the first half 27-2.

The Lady Hawks found their groove in the third quarter, however, and went on a 6-0 scoring run on a series of breakaways between the 3:00 and 2:00. Four of Rhinebeck players managed to flush a field goal in the period, including Mimoso, Natalie Hutchins, Sam Cassata, and Rebecca Gausephol. The Lady Hawks managed to outscore Coleman 9-5 in the third.

Coleman snapped back into it in the fourth, though, and scored three field goals, two two-pointers and one three, to open the period. Bench players Lizzy Kroll and eighth grader Alexandra Dunn checked into the game with Coleman holding a definitive lead. Coleman left Rhinebeck’s gym with the victory.

“We don’t have much height and they’re a very well-coached, well-trained team,” Rhinebeck head coach Marc Burg told The Observer. “We did our best, and we look forward to playing some ‘C’ schools down the road. I think it was 20-16 in the second half, so we came back nicely. And everybody got a chance to play today.”

With the loss, Rhinebeck fell to 5-6 overall.

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