Rhinebeck school bus drivers set new vote

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Rhinebeck school bus drivers and monitors were scheduled to vote on a new contract offer on Feb. 11, after press deadline.

The vote, postponed from Jan. 30, comes on the heels of an 11th-hour news release from the union, Teamsters Local 445, saying the company contracted by the school district, Durham/A&E Transport, has gone ahead and imposed the contract anyway. According to the news release, issued Feb. 10, “The employees learned on Friday morning that Durham School Services… had decided to impose its last offer without a vote by the employees.”

“This was a highly unusual, probably unlawful move by the company,” Lori Polesel, Teamster representative for the employees, said in the news release.

Durham’s last offer was for a 50 cents-pay increase the first year and 25 cents for the following two years. Earlier in the school year, union members approved a strike by a 98 percent margin.

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