Nona’s Famous Meatballs are “heaven-sent and the best in the Valley”.
Nona’s Famous Meatballs are “heaven-sent and the best in the Valley”.

Savona’s of Kingston: Serving up romance with a side of pasta

Savona’s in Kingston is authentic Italian with old-style goodness

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On a recent cold evening, my beloved and I were in the mood to have hearty Italian food in a cozy and romantic setting. So we decided to go to a local eatery in the Hudson Valley that specializes in exactly that.

Savona’s, in the Kingston Roundout, offers traditional Italian cuisine. The ambiance is casual and comfortable with large windows that afford pleasant street views while dining. The inside seating accommodates about 60 patrons. It also has a nice bar area with additional seating—as well as outdoor seating when weather permits. A live music scene on weekends makes Savona’s the place to be for good music while dining. Chef Steven Savona has been at the helm for many years. And the food he creates speaks of his talent and kitchen magic.

Savona’s offers fresh salads made with locally sourced ingredients: The fig and gorgonzola with greens was an excellent starter. And the Mista Insalata was incredibly fresh. The soups that are house-made are tasty, and a good selection of antipasti will not disappoint. Try dishes like the Arrancini rice balls and house-made mozzarella sticks, which are just delicious. And don’t forget Nona’s famous meatballs—they are heaven-sent and the best in the Valley, according to my dining companion.

The restaurant offers a Special Lunch menu that is very popular seven days a week. It serves three courses: soup or salad, entrée and dessert. It is a pocket-friendly winner in the Valley. Entrees do come in full meal fashion with great tasting pasta dishes like Meatballs and Spaghetti, Eggplant Rollatini with pasta, Lobster Ravioli ala Vodka, and Rigatoni, broccolli rabe and sausage.

Complimentary fresh garlic bread sticks in olive oil are served with every meal. And Savona ‘s wine list offers excellent Italian wines along with other international moderately priced selections.

Following a warm spinach salad, and the bruchettas, we prepared for the main dishes. The two entrees we selected, Bistecca Savona and Salmon Limoncello, were artfully presented. The Salmon Limoncello was beautifully plated. The flavors were delicate, the texture was a perfect balance between creamy and al dente. The salmon fillet encrusted in herb panko was properly cooked. It was tender flaky with a good fresh aroma and under the salmon was a heavenly creamy limoncello spinach risotto. The Bistecca Savona, a 14oz. steak pan-seared, had an appropriate carmelized exterior—giving the steak a desirable and palatable look. Cooked medium rare and topped with gorgonzola cheese, it was thick, flavorful and very juicy. Every bite was a mouthwatering sensation. It was served with savory mashed potatoes and green vegetables. A bottle of Chianti Rufino with its notes of hazelnut, cloves and oak proved a magical accompaniment to both dishes.

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