Milan planning a farmers’ market

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A new farmers’ market will open in Milan this spring.

Charlie Godfrey, of Second Chance Farm in Milan, has been asked to organize the market. And at the town board’s Jan. 21 meeting, Godfrey presented a list of 12 vendors who have committed to the market.

He explained that he has focused on finding local producers of a variety of goods and described a list that includes vendors for meat, dairy, vegetables, baked goods, and wine. “I started [looking] in Milan and worked my way out,” he said.

The market will be held on Fridays from 3-7 pm at the town hall. “We figured we’d catch a lot of Taconic [Parkway] traffic coming into town; everybody else’s [market] is on the weekend,” Godfrey explained.

Godfrey and his wife, Kim, are working with the town attorney to draw up the necessary regulations for the market and will report back to the board at its next meeting. They hope to have the vendor list finalized by March and to begin publicizing the market in April. The market has a planned May 17 opening and will run into October.

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