Letter: Parking tickets to be given outside Mill Road school

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Dear K-2 Parents:

I thought I would take a moment to clarify the parking situation along Rockefeller Lane as a follow up to yesterday’s notification from the building’s main office.

Since before my time, parking for K-2 parent pick up has always been a problem. There are simply not enough parking spaces on the K-2 side to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers of parents who pick up students at the end of the day. About four years ago, the District contracted with a specialist to analyze the situation and offer solutions. At the time, the solutions proposed were deemed cost prohibitive (i.e., many hundreds of thousands of dollars that would not qualify for state aid). We have also had local law enforcement help us explore possible solutions to no avail.

About two years ago, a community member expressed concern about the parking situation on Rockefeller Lane to the Town of Red Hook which resulted in the “No Parking” signs placed on the road by the Town of Red Hook. In my opinion, enforcement was minimal in recognition of the lack of alternatives for parents and that the parking is almost always very temporary.

Two days ago, we were informed that a community member had expressed concern to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department about the parking situation. We were visited by an officer from that organization and informed that tickets would be issued in the future. We felt it was important to alert you to this possibility.

For our part, the District will write to the Town of Red Hook asking them to reconsider the signage and we will continue to look to find extra space (however limited) for parent pick up.


Paul Finch
Superintendent of Schools
Red Hook Central School District

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