Letter: Schreibman, Gipson are my choice

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“With Liberty and Justice for all” – I experience a sense of pride when I close The Pledge of Allegiance with these words that embody the intrinsic values of our democracy.

Yet, as a woman, I feel marginalized and shortchanged when I look at the record of our incumbents. Gender inequality still indisputably reigns in laws and our culture.

Why is it, when it comes to laws affecting women, my current Congressman and State Senator vote no? Here are three examples:

1. Equal pay for equal work would not only be justice for all, it would also be an instant stimulus to our economy. 2. The same holds for raising the minimum wage – which affects more women than men; many women are the sole family wage earners today. 3. Protecting women’s healthcare funding.

On Nov. 6, we have the choice to elect Terry Gipson to the NY State Senate and Julian Schreibman to Congress.

Terry Gipson is currently an effective Rhinebeck Village Trustee and a small business owner. His innovative ideas and integrity will bring a fresh perspective to the Senate.

Julian Schreibman received the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award while at the C.I.A. as a prosecuting attorney. His thoughtful approaches to solving problems and deep concerns for fairness and gender equality will serve all of us well in Washington.

I will entrust my future to these fine candidates; I hope you too will vote for them.

Klara B. Sauer

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