Letter: In support of David Byrne

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I would like to address the women of the 106th Assembly District of the State of New York: every wife, mother, sister, grandmother and aunt. We, the women of this district, need a strong advocate that is respectful of and honors women–a person that respects his mother, is dedicated to his wife and worships his daughter. David Byrne is that man.

I have had the pleasure of knowing David Byrne for the last 15 years. I have watched him attend Red Hook High School, where he served as captain of the high school football team and vice president of his class. He went on to attend West Point, serve his country honorably in the Middle East for two years, and then came home to care for his mother and raise his family after his father passed away. We are grateful that he served his fellow Milan residents as a town council member.

David has felt the heartache of losing a brother and a father and has been there for his Mother so she could stay in the home she shared with his father. The unselfishness, loyalty, and courage that he has displayed in his decision-making as he faced these obstacles has proven to us that he is a man of integrity and honor.

I, as a mother and grandmother myself, know that David will stand behind his word and will continue to faithfully serve his community in every capacity he is allowed and as our Assemblyman, would be a true advocate for women and families. I have seen him grow and watched as these traits have been instilled in him by his own family.

David Byrne needs our help to be where he should be to provide the service we need. I urge the Independence Party members of the district to get out to the Primary on Thursday the 13th of September to WRITE IN the name “DAVID BYRNE” to support him on the Independence line. We, the people, should come out on November 6th to vote him into our lives as our Assemblyman of the 106th District of the State of New York.

Ann Mancini

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