Letter: In support of DiCarlo

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The Republican & Conservative Party primaries are scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 13.

For those registered voters who think same-sex “marriage” is a trifling matter, please take the time to think about the insidiousness of state-sanctioned homosexuality on the next generation:

  • that same-sex “marriage” implicitly denies posterity a framework for the raising of biological offspring.
  • that same-sex “marriage” implicitly denies the right of children to be raised by their biological parents.
  • that sexual activity is not always healthy, as evidenced by the devastating toll on human life by the ravages of AIDS.
  • the corrosive effect on children being exposed in school and in society to the idea that they can ”marry” either a boy or a girl when they grow up.
  • that this new entitlement program called same-sex “marriage” serves no legitimate purpose for the greater good – unless one considers Andrew Cuomo’s presidential ambitions to be “the greater good.”

Will the Mid-Hudson Valley’s economy matter in the long run if our human capital is compromised in this way?

It’s time to retire Steve Saland and pass the baton to a more responsible statesman, Neil DiCarlo. Maybe you’ve seen his yard signs around – that is, the ones which have not been surreptitiously absconded with. Which leads to a final question: Are Saland’s supporters so worried about his chances that they must resort to petit larceny and interfering with an election?

Linda Cebrian

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