Letter: Retire Saland

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It’s time for Steve Saland to go. Time for Saland to retire. He does NOT, in my opinion, have the best interests of the residents of Rhinebeck, the Hudson Valley or Dutchess County on his mind anymore. I recently sat next to Saland at a charity event and he was unable to answer any of my simple questions. Say what? Saland was aloof, disinterested and unattentive. Is this what we want in a senator? Is this what we need?

I’m voting for Neil DiCarlo. He really is more like me, as he says. DiCarlo is like a breath of fresh air.

It’s time for us to have someone in the Senate who feels our pain and can get things done for us. Not his own career, as Steve Saland does. Saland must go!

Cindy Incontrera

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