Letter: Mailers a waste of taxpayer money

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I am getting so tired of these self-promoting mailers from Steve Saland on MY dime. I just saw another one, and there it is, right there in the corner: postage paid by the New York Senate. That means it’s being paid for by us. And in almost every one of these mailers he brags about how he’s cutting spending!

Now I’ve got no problem when a senator spends their campaign money for photographers, printers, designers, and postage… But this isn’t what’s happening here. For a senator who keeps putting his “tax-saving accomplishments” on these mailers, (which I also question, believe me,) why is he using our tax money to tell me about it? These are not important informational pieces. They are not telling me something I need to know.

I looked it up. Saland is one of the top spenders of my money to tell me how terrific he is… over $100,000 in postage from April to October in 2011 alone – that’s six months in an off-election year. 2012’s data isn’t available yet, but just look in your recycling bin.

I checked out one of his new “real” campaign pieces and it also features a posed photo of Steve and construction workers – the same men, the same place, practically the same photo and a lot of the same text as is on his taxpayer-paid for “economic development update” mailer. I’m not really seeing a difference. Except I can see my tax dollars are helping to pay for one of them.

Charles Davenport
Wappingers Falls

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