Letter: MTA tax should be dropped

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Metro-North has been an engine for growth here in Dutchess County for decades, and I fully support mass transit in the region because it’s good for our economy, environment and quality of life. In short, a healthy MTA with expanding service to the Hudson Valley is good for all of us. However, funding that good health and expansion on the back of small business is misguided.

I believe that the MTA payroll tax enacted in 2009 was a mistake, and I’m hopeful that the court’s recent decision striking it down will be upheld. This will force the Governor and Legislature do something that Albany has been unwilling to do for decades; require the MTA to account for their spending with regular, comprehensive and independent audits, and to PARTNER with the unions to improve service, weed out waste and cut down the size of the MTA’s bloated management structure.

A good idea knows no politics. I am running for the State Senate, and, if elected, will be tireless in my pursuit of common sense solutions to real problems that effect our families, communities and economy. I will work with anyone, no matter their party, who is willing to roll up their sleeves and work for all of us. Let’s start with rolling back the MTA Payroll Tax and finding common sense solutions for the greater good.

Terry Gipson
Rhinebeck Village Trustee
Democratic & Working Families Candidate for NY State Senate, District 41

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