Letter: Aquatic center could bring problems

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According to [the August 15 article] entitled Red Hook Pool Board exploring Aquatic Center at Rec Park Pool, a proposal has been drafted for “a year-round, indoor/outdoor aquatic center with a removable roof…converting and upgrading the existing pool into a year-round center on the Linden Avenue site” with a larger clubhouse. The goal of the pool board is to make the aquatic center “an important Red Hook destination, drawing people from the surrounding towns and counties to take advantage of the new facility”.

While we have been supporting the small-scale private pool built in 1969 next to our property on Linden Avenue, we believe that an upgrading of the existing facility would exacerbate the problems of traffic, parking, noise, trash, and everything connected with the construction, implementation and maintenance of a major recreational center. Tournaments taking place in August have already given us an idea of what it means to live nearby a destination for thousands of people. We certainly do not want to experience the visits of heavy crowds on a regular basis, all year-round, in our nice, quiet, rural neighborhood that is meant to be a residential area.

Please let us know what you think. Thank you.

Fulvia Masi & William Tanksley
Red Hook

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