Letter: For an informed electorate

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I wanted to say that it was so great to get a copy of your newspaper in my mailbox. It is an excellent, informative publication. I believe we really need that in this community.

I recently read a study that says that 46 percent of voters who live in the New York’s 19th District are not familiar with the person who we elected to Congress in 2010. Rep. Chris Gibson is one of the people who is standing firmly in the way of progress. He has betrayed his constituents to vote in line with his Tea Party buddies, and he is one of the reasons why Congress is broken. His opponent, Julian Schreibman, wants to fix the mess and that’s the kind of candidate we need.

Please keep us informed on both campaigns, because we really need to know what the people who claim to represent us are up to, so we can make an informed decision in November.

Miranda Parry

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